Four New Technologies

The project will develop four key technologies that can be implemented on the regular printing lines, where the packaging film still needs to be decorated.

One technology is to be able to plasma coat the film so that it achieves the necessary density to protect the food. This must be done at normal atmospheric pressure and with equipment that is already used in printing houses.

The other technology is to make PET film, which is often used in plasma coating, weldable on ordinary packaging lines. This must also be done at the printing shop, where a thin welding layer is applied precisely to the places where the film is to be welded.

The third technology is to collect the used packaging bags, have them washed/cleaned and, not least, blow new thin films of rPET.

The fourth "technology" consists in the development and application of a suitable test strategy to investigate and assess that there is no contamination of substances in quantities harmful to health when the material is used for food.