Circular Mono Plastic Packing


The project is supported by Innovation Fund  Denmark and is prepared under Grand Solutions.

Plastic packaging from food often ends up being incinerated because they are usually mixed products composed of several materials that cannot be separated and recycled. Now a large number of operators are joining forces to develop technology that can make flexible plastic packaging reusable.

Approximately 50% of the plastic that is found in household waste is flexible film from e.g., food packaging. Half of this is multilaminate film – plastic that is composed of different types of plastic, which makes it very difficult to recycle for the same purpose.



The innovation fund's investment is DKK 11.45 million. DKK

The project's total budget: DKK 16.15 million. DKK

The project has a duration of three years, starting in May 2020.

Official title of the project is "Circular Mono Plastic Packaging"